Beijing Keen Lloyd

         ShuangLin E.Road,Fengtai District,BeiJing,China


  Position: Industrial automation control, electronic engineering
  Position: The metallurgy is mechanical or the related specialty
  Position: Machinery related specialty.

  Beijing Keen Lloyd Electromechanic Technology Co.,Ltd was found in June 2001, with former names of Beijing JingSheng Industry Technical Development Co. and San Jun Electromechanic Co., It is a private share holder Co.,Ltd . The main business of the company is engaged in scientific research, development, manufacture, marketing and sales for processing equipment of non-ferrous metals ,also undertakes consultant, designing work for metallurgical and non-ferrous metals engineering project.
  More than 80% of the total personnel of the company are engineers who have higher level theory of professional knowledges and full practical experiences. The company is as new technical enterprise located in Hai Dian Beijing New Technical Industry Zone.
The company sets up SuZhou JianLai Engineering Technology Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd in TaiCang, JiangSu province, that undertakes equipment manufacture and is working with Carrier Rocked Technological Research Institute of Space Ministry as a cooperation unity in production and manufacture, in which electrical system is designed, assembled and manufactured by the company itself.
The company has technical exchanges, cooperation and business dealings with companies in different countries and areas, as USA、German、Italy、Japan、Russian and TaiWan etc..
  Up to now, the company has more than 30 kinds of processing equipment developed and manufactured by its own, including purity system of aluminum molten liquid, vertical semi-continuous slab casting machine (screw type) for copper and aluminum (round, flat), band sawing machine. processing equipment as hydraulic pointers for various type of copper and steel tubes, horizontal spinner block, capillary tube drawing, Upside-down disc spinner block, combine drawing machine for tubes and rods, horizontal rewinding machine for capillary and air conditioning tubes, Inner groove air conditioning tubes shaping machine, swaging unit for various sized tubes, butt welding machine for tungsten,molybdenum strips,4-high rolling mill for tungsten molybdenum materials, Extrusion press water-sealing device, big size of aluminum slab sawing and milling combined unit, on line induction continuous annealing furnace for tubes, copper strips pickling line, copper strips horizontal continuous casting machine, copper, aluminum sheets and strips stretching-bending leveling unit.
  In 2005, the company succeeded in developing high precision carbon block sawing and milling combined unit. In field of electrical controls, the company not only assembles electrical control equipment for its own produced equipment, but also undertakes system design, manufacture and assemble for other contractual manufacturers.
  Since its establishment, the company has succeeded in providing effective services for several well known non-ferrous processing enterprises and obtained best results. So the company has got high reputation in fields of non-ferrous metals processing enterprises.
  Having optimized design, some equipments as hydraulic pointers, high speed vertical spinner block for copper coil tubes, Inner groove coil tube shaping machine, horizontal rewinding machine, etc are not only initially developed domestically but representative of highest level in China. Functions and qualities of Inner groove coil tube shaping machine are over similar products of some abroad companies. Domestic made big size aluminum plate slab sawing and milling combined unit and carbon block sawing and milling combined unit have again filled a gap domestically. Some units have exported to Japan, Russia, Ukraine, etc, countries.


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